Oslo House Heathside Road Woking Surrey GU22 7HE Tel: 07474 161459
Email: moresaltplease@yahoo.co.uk

My Surrey based business specialises in supplying and delivering water softener salt and water softeners. Block salt, salt tablets and salt granules can be delivered to your home or business, saving you the time and trouble of having to fetch the salt yourself. I can also deliver in the evening or at the weekend if normal business hours are awkward for a customer. Please note that since my business is not VAT registered, I don't have to pass that charge onto you!

All salt products are sourced from Harvey Softeners in Woking. Harvey invented the block salt system thus you can be assured of the quality of the salt supplied. My prices are very competitive so the salt delivered to you may actually cost less than if you collect it yourself from another supplier. Please do check my prices against the competition. If I can offer a better deal why not call me, Chris Young, on 07474 161459 to start saving now.

Block salt (2 x 4Kg blocks per bag)
10 bags -   48.00
20 bags -   80.00
30 bags - 112.00

Salt tablets
10 x 10Kg bags - 49.50
20 x 10Kg bags - 85.00
10 x 25Kg bags - 87.50

Salt granules
10 x 10Kg bags - 48.50
20 x 10Kg bags - 83.50
10 x 25Kg bags - 85.50

All prices are complete including delivery.

The softener needed will depend on the amount of water that needs to be softened. A house with 3 bathrooms will need a higher capacity softener than a house with 1 bathroom. For a typical dwelling with 1 bathroom the Crown 750L costing 795.00 will be suitable.

You need to add the cost of fitting by a plumber (allow about 150.00) plus the cost of a fitting kit. Kits vary according to the existing pipework in the building and cost 50.00 - 75.00

Please call or email if you would like a quote.